Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good time had by all at Mets Stitch N Pitch, 'cept the Mets-- they lost

Go team, stitchers that is. How cool is it that a crowd of crafters can gather and celebrate their handiwork? Here's a shot of the knit banner for the event sponsored by The National Needle Arts Association and Warm Up America! Free needlepoint kits featuring the Mets or Yankees logos were distributed to the first 200 attendees... and they "sold out" -- yeah! Free yarn and knitting needles were handed out so attendees could make 7x9 inch squares for Warm Up America afghans that are donated to charities. Of course the colors were blue or orange, in chunky yarn from Lion Brand, it worked up fast and 2 cartons of squares were donated... MANY THANKS to all participants.
Here's a shot of Lily Chin sporting her Big Apple outfit, it had HOME RUN worked into it. Notice the crochet baseball glove on the gentleman sitting next to her, the "baseball" scarf and baseball cap--all crochet in the Mets colors --- now that is team support. ;-).
There was yarn bombing all over the stadium, you can see examples wrapped on the railing. There was a beautiful moon over the stadium, the weather was close to perfect.The night was sublime.

By the way... I found this -- great socks if you are a baseball fanatic!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Happy Day!

My niece had a baby shower on the 13th of August. I thought I had at least another 2 months of knitting time. Nothing like a deadline to get things done. YEEKS! So I switched into high knitting gear and plowed thru. Driving to the shower with a few rows to go, and I finished it off at the party. Whew! My wrist was a little sore, and I had to ice it for a couple of days. But it was worth if for this smile.
Got a lovely thank you card from Erin.... for a gift made with love... ;-)

Yes, it was, and hope and joy and best wishes.

Here's to free patterns on the Bernat website, and this lovely Knit Baby Blanket (fyi, you have to sign up to get access), done in Softee Baby, which is Machine dryable and Machine washable. The pattern is a simple 5 row repeat, and it feels great. The yarn had a tendency to pull, but with a tug or two restores itself.