Thursday, August 12, 2010

Exit Zero

Took a weekend off and headed south to Cape May, and another deeper breath to start a Latvian Lace Sock. And what a delight. it was relatively easy, just have to keep track of the row and understand how to do a yarn over. The yarn is from, and is wool with nylon, and I added a reinforcing thread. I am now empowered to tackle more complex patterns. But, wait, Leslie wants sock with toes... that may have to be next.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Sock Aktion (Lang, that is)

I Love this yarn!!!! Lang Aktion Jawoll... I was luck enough to snag a skein of the custom combo from November 2007. Was a wild knittin' woman, couldn't put it down. Love the colors, love the feel.. and love the fact that I worked on them over a memorable weekend spend with Susan and David in Cape May. (Just gotta weave in the ends on the toe--later! it's not cold yet!)
Bucket list item checked off, road the Ferris Wheel in Ocean City. and Whacked a MOLE! ANNNDDDD saw Revenge of the Nerds, not sure how I ever missed it.