Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It's been a rough summer for way too many

A member of one of my guilds, who had suffered too many personal losses too close, sent out this ... and I share with you...

I wonder what the other side will be when I have finished weaving all my thread.

I do not know the pattern nor the end of this great piece of work which is for me.
I only know that I must weave with care the colors that are given me, day by day,
And make them a fabric firm and true which will be of service to my fellow man.
Sometimes those colors are so dark and gray I doubt if there will be one line of beauty there.
But all at once there comes a thread of gold or rose so deep that there will always be that one bright spot to cherish or to keep and maybe against its ground of deepest hue it will be beautiful.

The Warp is held by the Master’s hand;
The Master’s mind made the design for me.
If I but weave the shuttle to and fro and blend the colors just the best I know.
Perhaps when it is finished He will say, “T’is good” and lay it on the footstool at his feet.

—Author Unknown

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Hey, I know this person...

Been a while...

Been weaving a lot this year! Participated in my first swatch exchange with Jockey Hollow Weavers... it was Ms and Os. What an interesting assortment of swatches from similar drafts and inspiration. Baby blankets in Ms and Os and towels. Participated in a doubleweave demonstration at the NYGH and Staten Island Handspinners and Weavers. Did a new website for the SIHW. Getting ready to start some area rugs. Excited. Here is a link to Nancy's blog... may she rest in peace!... weaversouth.blogspot.com

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Brilliant warping tip!

This is a terrific video for how to use a tensioning device with front to back beaming on a floor loom. Thanks to "rigidheddleweaving" on YouTube.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Crocuses are up!

Spring is here, and so are the flowers. It's been a long, hard winter. Busy with work, finally. Been knitting again.... a vest, socks, another vest from Tess Designer Yarn (from stash). Pinwheels on the loom. A tapestry workshop to get back to. Not enough hours in the day.

and for a giggle....


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cabin Fever - Winter 2015

This has been a WINTER, depending on where you are, a BAD one. Being in NYC, really can't complain as much. But it's been hard.

Bright spot in January was Vogue Knitting Live at the Marriott. Another fun gathering of the tribe. Met up with old friends, met new ones. Found a new toy... an Ablet 3-Tier Ababus Row counter. I actually found the clasp difficult to use, so I put in on a chain around my neck instead. It works great for keeping track on rows and design repeats. Treated myself to a skein of Springtide Farm cashmere and made myself a pair of fingerless gloves that have come in very handy this cold winter. The pattern: L'Oreal's Cashemere Fingerless Gloves, design by Hatie Clingerman.

Fell in love with the Blue Heron Yarns Opal Leaf Vest Sock Plus 80% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon in a lovely Pansy sp colorway. The yarn is lovely, the pattern looks good but the instructions are very sloppy, patching together a couple other patterns. You really have to know what you are doing to make this. Knit the back panel (which is from a scarf pattern). Then pick up stitches and cast on more to knit sideways to make the sides. This is a work in progress. Motivated by the cold to get it finished and put it to use.

On the weaving front, just finished 2 cotton baby blankets, white warp for both. Changed up the WEFT white and pastel for one and yellow and bright multi-colors for the other. What a difference a colorway makes!

The BEST part of February was my Online Tapestry Weaving Course with #RebeccaMezoff. I am finally learning how to use my Mirrix Loom (12" weaving width). Taking baby steps learning basic tapestry techniques, and weaving from the back in a very disciplined approach.

The online course is at my own pace, it is a combination of videos by Rebecca with specific techniques in small sections along with PDF downloads and many links to other instructional videos on YouTube and inspirational links to tapestry artists' websites. You submit photos of progress which are graded, and you email questions which are promptly answered. The fun part is the closed Facebook group where other participants post images of what they are doing.

Meanwhile my Glimakra waits for me to finish warping the next project...

but have to stop now and work on my taxes.

Would rather be weaving! Can't wait for spring.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mental Health Day

Yesterday, up at 5am to catch a ferry to catch a train to meet a friend and drive 1.5 hrs to the Fuller Craft Museum and return by midnight. Whew! But worth every moment. The Fuller has two amazing exhibits... Game Changers: Fiber Art Masters and Innovators, through Nov. 23. If you love fiber and art, don't miss it. http://fullercraft.org/event/game-changers-fiber-masters-and-innovators/ The work was inspiring and magical. Beyond creative. And in a smaller scale [ http://fullercraft.org/event/small-expressions/ ] Small Expressions thru October 5 The museum is a magical setting with unique building and lovely pond filled with lily pads. Take a day, and go.