Monday, May 09, 2011

To Rip or Not to Rip, that is the question

Okay, we all get faced with this... a big stupid mistake. The thought of ripping this time was too much so I dropped stitched and got out my handy-dandy crochet hook and remade the rib pattern that I had forgotten to continue after I turned the heel. I was not focused on this pair, it took me a long time to get one done. I think because I really didn't like the color and feel of the yarn. My gamble worked, the ribbing is restored and --other than those of you who read this confession-- no one would know. ;-)

I have managed to complete yet another pair of socks since this green pair and now the garden calls. My beans are just popping through the soil in a miracle of new life. My onions are almost a foot tall. Garlic is on it's way and I wait with excitement for my organic flowing potatoes to sprout. I pray the weather is amenable and the garden flourishes. More to come...