Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our best boy passes over the Rainbow Bridge

Two Seasons Royal Deluxe... We received the shock of our lives on Sunday Nov. 11 when Rudy was diagnosed with spontaneous pneumothorax. We had to put our beautiful buddy Rudy down. Our hearts are broken. A rescue who had been through so much trauma and loss — Rudy was such a beautiful, happy boy. He won his way into our hearts and we will miss him so much. Rudy was extremely special. He was so smart and so loving. It was a joy to have him in our lives. His personality was huge. We are grateful for the wonderful vacation we shared with Rudy and Rennie on an island off the coast of Maine in October.

On Nov 12, 2013, at 10:42 AM, Tim wrote:

Rudy was a true character...
Rudy nicknames...Big Dog, Mr. Rudy, Big Puppy... Rudy Pudy... should have been Rudy Pooti.. tooting all the time.
A most comfortable sitter, knees splayed
The longest tail, most active tail wagger in the business
Sniff everything, stretch my nose into the air and take long sniffs
Chase the cats out of the yard
I know so many commands, stand, sit, kiss, lie down, wait, go, leave it, eat, hungry, pee, poop,
I am going to eat dirt, and if you say no, I'll grab some and leap away with a mouthful
I stood still for a bath and loved the toweling afterwards...
Scratch my chest
Enough drool before a meal to make Pavlov's dogs jealous
Sniff Rennie
I'll answer the door, no that's wrong, Rennie will
Take the lead position on a walk...
Rub bodies with Rennie along the walk,
I always want the left side of the sidewalk, that's where I walk.
Pay attention human or I'll nip your elbow
Don't forget my favorite white fluffy bone
I'll mouth your arm until you do something for me... feed me, especially.
Swallowing whole is the only way to enjoy a meal or a treat.
Oh, do you have any food? I'd like that!
Can you believe I taught you humans all this in a year? Good human.

You've never seen a dog prance like Rudy on a walk.... so happy go lucky.

On Nov 12, 2013, at 10:10 AM, Tina wrote:

Random Rudy Memories
RoooRoooo ROOOO!
I want a rawhide,
I am HUNGRY, I need to poop, I need to pee
I'm gonna make myself (all 90 lbs of me) really small and sneak into the bed at 4am
I am going to snuggle as tightly as I can into a really small space next to you.
I am so hungry!
I'm going to wait until you open the food bin and grab a bit of food so fast that you can't stop me.
I'm gonna eat dirt, no matter what you say.
I'm going to eat a rawhide EVERY DAY! Yup, the whole thing.
I like antler, but the ones cut in quarters, not the whole thing.
I'm a good kisser, and I like to kiss a lot!
I like the fireplace.
I am really patient about getting my harness on to go for a walk.
I am afraid of thunder, but with my Thundershirt I can conquer all.
I will bark at Thunder to make it go away.
I love to go in the bushes! none of this mown grass for me. I am a HUNTER!
I will pee on all your flowers!
I do one giant pee, not of this squirt here and there stuff! I am confident.
I am going to make note of everything you do.

 "Good Job!"


No words can express all the joy he brought to our lives, no words can express the tremendous loss we feel.