Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Desert Star is Shining Brightly

Our dear sweet Tully is now free, he passed March 19, 2012 and our Desert Star now shines brightly in the sky. He blessed our lives for over 11 years with humor and love. Tully was a gentle soul. He loved peanut butter and bagels most of all, hopefully followed by us, his girlfriend Leslie, his baby niece, sitting in front of the fire in the winter, resting in the garden in the summer and napping just about anywhere. He marked everything everywhere he went and then had to check to be sure that, "Yep, that's me." He was a talker, and a moaner. The moan could mean anything in the right context.... "I'm hungry", "I have to pee", "I need the sandwich that you are eating". When given instructions, he often talked back. He loved riding in the car, hated the vet's office. His favorite blankie was a striped Mexican number that we got in Provincetown, MA on vacation (and also got ticks). He dragged us down the trail on Isle au Haut from the landing to Moores Harbor. He loved waiting for the mailman for a chance to bark, and took his job of guarding the house seriously. The front door window was his large-screen TV. When Rennie (a lively puppy) joined the pack, he gently accepted her and put up with all her annoying behavior, and the two of them became inseparable. Tully was the first dog we ever had that was too lazy to chew, and required dental work. As a result, he was missing about 9 teeth, making eating a very messy process. We had "snood time" at every meal -- which meant, finding the snood and getting it put on.... almost always a comical event. Tully flunked obedience, he could never sit still for the required 3 minutes. He LOVED to kiss. And always seemed so proud. Buddy (a.k.a. Tully-Bullie, Big Dog, Baby Boy, Delicate Flower, Boo, Willis), we will MISS you. There is a giant hole in the house and in our hearts. Thank you for the time we had together. We were blessed.