Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Following interesting footsteps

When I received the Structo Artcraft 240 in a double boxed package from Florida, it came with very old weaving on it. I think it was a sampler and if the paper is a hint to the year, it was from 1948. There is a piece of tape on the top of the castle frame...with a name in cursive... Marie Earll , or maybe Marie Carll? If only the loom could talk. I would love to know more. Ancestry.com shows listing for both spellings, hmmm.
There is color work that I am not certain about... is it woven or embroidery while on the loom?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Structo heaven

I first learned about Structo looms at FIT. I took the TD 131 Woven Design class and got intimate with a Structo Artcraft 240. And then I was obsessed. I joined the all_things_structo yahoo group, with a wealth of information.

Searched eBay and found one! It had a weaving on it, there was a newspaper wrapped around the cloth beam that referenced 1948. I carefully photographed everything before I removed the very old and brown weaving. The famous structo warp spools had a lot of warp left, so I unwound until I got to clean fiber and re-tied the warp. I am on my way.

A couple weeks later I got a message from all_things_structo there was a "600" on eBay that looked pretty good. I checked that it was close enough (70 mmiles) and hit the "Buy Now". 4.5 hours later I had a very dirty and rusty Structo Artcraft 600. I spend the next week taking it apart, cleaning, painting, refinishing and reassembling. And she's a beauty.